Sunday, December 21, 2014

Out of the Writerly Mind, and Into the Real World

First the announcements:

"The Value of The Land" is now available at the Mayflower Mall Coles and at the Cape Breton Curiosity Shop in Sydney, and at the Glace Bay Heritage Museum (aka the Town Hall).
It is also listed on my website:, and is now in stock on the chapters/indigo site.

But I promise, my novel is not (yet) rare or used, and it certainly doesn't cost $3000.00! Now, why do I say that?
Did you ever google yourself? Sure you did. Well, writers also look themselves up on various author platforms to see if we are in stock, or possibly rare or used. (I myself know several authors who are rare and/or used.)
This week, for example, I went to to see if my book is in stock yet. I did what one would normally do -- I did a search on the title on their home page. That is, I searched on "The Value of THE Land". And to my surprise, what came up was a used 1998 edition of an American book on land policies, its title being "The Value of Land"! No "the." And as if that isn't bad enough it's listed at over $3000.00. And... there is no image or description or seller listed (that I could find).
So if a potential reader were looking for my book there, they* might be so shocked and appalled that they will close their browser immediately lest the purchase be somehow mysteriously processed without their knowledge.
Hint: (because I have old friends who still cannot spell or pronounce it) my last name -- t-r-o-i-c-u-k -- should get you there without any hiccups.:-)

* I am taking a vote: Who thinks it should be proper grammar to mix singular (e.g., "reader" and "browser") with "they" when the sex or number of persons is not indicated? (No one under 30 knows the difference anyhow.)

Friday, December 12, 2014

NEWS -- after a long hiatus

I am back to my blog with an announcement: A new novel!

The Value of The Land

has just been launched by Boularderie Island Press.

It is available through Paypal from my website

as well as from the usual sources online and through your local bookstore. If you ask, they should be able to order it.

BTW, this is not the novel A Writerly Mind posts were following in the past; I did refer to it, though -- as the 'dairy novel.'

Take time to read a book.